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Boost your email opens, click-through rates, and revenue with our A/B testing and email automation strategies that engage your subscribers and drive conversions.
At icepop, we offer a range of email marketing services to help you promote your business and engage with your customers. Whether you're looking to promote a new product, announce a special offer, or simply stay in touch with your customers, we can help you achieve your goals through targeted email marketing campaigns.

Our team of experienced email marketers is skilled in using the latest email marketing techniques to deliver results for your business. We offer a range of email marketing services, including email automation, email campaign management, and email newsletter design. We work with leading email marketing platforms like Klaviyo so you can trust that your email campaigns are in good hands.

The icepop Difference

At icepop, we take a comprehensive approach to email marketing that sets us apart from the competition. Here are a few ways we go above and beyond for our clients:

1. Customized Email Campaigns: We believe that each client is unique and deserves personalized attention. That's why we take the time to understand your brand's specific needs and tailor our email marketing services to meet your goals. We develop a monthly campaign calendar to send 1-7 emails per week depending on your specific needs and goals. Our team of experienced email marketers will work with you every step of the way to ensure your satisfaction.

2. Advanced Automation Techniques: We use advanced automation techniques to ensure that your email campaigns are delivered to the right people at the right time. Our team is skilled in using tools such as Klaviyo to create custom email automation workflows that save you time and drive results. Types of email automations we take advantage of include: abandon cart, request reviews, upsell, and lead submission follow up.

3. Data-Driven Insights: At icepop, we believe that data is key to making informed decisions about your email marketing campaigns. That's why we use advanced analytics and reporting tools to provide you with valuable insights into your email performance, so you can make data-driven decisions to improve your ROI.

With icepop's email marketing services, you can trust that your brand's digital marketing strategy is in good hands. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your email marketing goals.


Ecommerce: Nuwatt Lighting

At Icepop, we are thrilled to collaborate with Nuwatt, the leading lighting company that illuminates spaces with cutting-edge residential and commercial LED lighting solutions. As their dedicated email marketing agency, we pride ourselves on crafting personalized and impactful campaigns that showcase Nuwatt's innovative products. With our strategic approach, we create compelling email content that highlights the unparalleled quality and energy efficiency of their LED lighting solutions.

Service: Spa26

At Icepop, we are thrilled to collaborate with Spa26, the ultimate sanctuary of non-surgical, non-invasive aesthetic services, spearheaded by the esteemed Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Sheila Nazarian. As Spa26's email marketing agency, we take pride in crafting personalized and compelling campaigns that resonate with clients seeking the finest in aesthetic care. We curate captivating email content that highlights Spa26's array of cutting-edge treatments and expert care. Our strategic approach ensures each email reaches the right audience, enticing them to indulge in the luxurious world of non-invasive beauty enhancements.

Tech: Citizen

Citizen is a groundbreaking personal safety network that empowers users to protect themselves and their loved ones. We are committed to crafting impactful campaigns that promote safety and security in real-time. We curate compelling email content that showcases the app's transformative features, including instant access to 911 alerts and crisis responders, as well as safety tracking for friends and families. Through visually compelling designs and persuasive messaging, we empower Citizen to stand out in the app market, fostering a network of empowered individuals ready to make their world a safer place.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is email marketing automation?
Email marketing automation, also known as trigger emails, refers to the process of sending targeted and personalized emails to subscribers based on specific actions or triggers they take on your website or within your email campaigns. These triggers can include actions like signing up for a newsletter, making a purchase, abandoning a shopping cart, or engaging with certain content. By automating these emails, businesses can deliver timely and relevant messages to their audience, nurturing leads, improving customer engagement, and driving conversions.

How effective is email marketing?
Email marketing is a highly effective digital marketing strategy with a proven track record of success. It provides businesses with a direct and personalized communication channel to engage with their audience. When executed strategically, email marketing can yield impressive results, including higher open rates, click-through rates, and conversion rates. Additionally, it allows for targeted segmentation and automation, enabling businesses to deliver tailored messages that resonate with their subscribers, fostering stronger customer relationships and brand loyalty.

How is my email marketing performance measured?
Email marketing performance is typically measured using various key performance indicators (KPIs) to evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns. Common metrics include:

Open Rate: The percentage of email recipients who open your email.

Click-Through Rate (CTR): The percentage of email recipients who click on one or more links within your email.Conversion Rate: The percentage of email recipients who complete a desired action, such as making a purchase or filling out a form.

Bounce Rate: The percentage of emails that were not successfully delivered to recipients' inboxes.Unsubscribe Rate: The percentage of subscribers who choose to opt-out or unsubscribe from your email list.

Why do email marketing?
Email marketing is a fundamental and valuable component of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy for several reasons:

Direct Communication: It provides a direct and personal means of communication with your audience, allowing you to build strong relationships and engage with them on a one-to-one level.

Targeted and Personalized Content: Email marketing allows you to segment your audience based on preferences, behaviors, or demographics, enabling you to deliver personalized and relevant content that resonates with each recipient.

Automation and Efficiency: With email marketing automation, you can streamline repetitive tasks and nurture leads automatically, saving time and resources.

Trackable Results: The performance of email campaigns can be easily tracked, allowing you to measure the success of your efforts and make data-driven decisions for future improvements.