icepop Case Studies

Get inspired by our clients' success stories with icepop's digital marketing services.


Recently acquired by Figma, Impira is a cutting-edge OCR system that uses AI and computer vision to extract, organize, search, and analyze information in various files...

icepop + Impira
January 8, 2023


In 6 months, Tumble’s organic impressions have increased 17x since working with icepop on SEO...

icepop + Tumble
January 1, 2023

Ponto Footwear

Made from recycled and bio-based materials, Ponto's goal is to make sustainability a priority...

icepop + Ponto
December 9, 2022

Parceled & TermSheet

TermSheet is the first 'Terminal' built for real estate. They help real estate professionals consolidate their data and workflow on one platform...

icepop + TermSheet
December 1, 2022