Facebook and Instagram Ad Agency

Unleash your brand's growth potential on Facebook and Instagram through our industry-leading media buying strategies and eye-catching creative.
Whether you're looking to increase brand awareness, generate more leads, or drive sales, our Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads services are tailored to meet your specific brand goals. Our team of experienced marketers is skilled in utilizing the latest Facebook and Instagram Ad strategies to deliver results for your business.

We start by conducting a comprehensive analysis of your target audience and identifying the most effective ad formats and targeting options for your business. From there, we use advanced optimization techniques to ensure that your ads are delivered to the right people at the right time, maximizing your ROI.

At icepop, we're dedicated to delivering exceptional results for our clients. Contact us today to learn more about our Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads services and how we can help you achieve your brand's digital marketing goals.

The icepop Difference

We take a comprehensive approach to Facebook and Instagram Ads that sets us apart from the competition. Here are a few ways we go above and beyond for our clients:

1. Robust Creative Strategy: Our team of experienced marketers utilizes a robust creative strategy to optimize your Instagram Ads and Facebook Ads for the best results. We oversee the creative process from conception and graphic design to ad deployment, management, and reporting.

2. Data-Driven Insights: At icepop, we believe that data is key to making informed decisions about your Facebook and Instagram Ads. That's why we use advanced analytics and reporting tools to provide you with valuable insights into your ad performance, so you can make data-driven decisions to improve your ROI.

3. Personalized Service: We believe that each client is unique and deserves personalized attention. That's why we take the time to understand your brand's specific needs and tailor our services to meet your goals. Our dedicated account managers will work with you every step of the way to ensure your satisfaction.

With icepop's Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads services, you can trust that your brand's digital marketing strategy is in good hands. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals.


Ecommerce: MadHappy

We take pride in our partnership with MadHappy, the innovative clothing brand that promotes mental health awareness and positivity. As their social media ad agency, we aim to create compelling and impactful ad campaigns that align seamlessly with MadHappy's mission and values. We craft captivating content and tailored strategies to reach the right audience, sparking meaningful conversations about mental health. Through eye-catching visuals, engaging copy, and precise targeting, we help MadHappy extend its reach, connect with its community, and drive measurable results, fostering a positive impact on mental health advocacy while amplifying the brand's presence in the digital landscape.

Service: SevenLaw

We are proud to work with SevenLaw Group, distinguished lemon law attorneys dedicated to protecting consumers' rights. We channel our expertise to craft compelling and influential ad campaigns that align seamlessly with SevenLaw Group's commitment to advocating for consumer justice. With a targeted focus on Facebook and Instagram we curate engaging content and tailored strategies to connect with potential clients facing lemon law challenges. By combining visually striking elements with persuasive messaging, we ensure SevenLaw Group's voice is heard by those seeking legal assistance in lemon law cases.

Tech: Nikola

We love working with Nikola, the innovative app designed to enhance the Tesla ownership experience. We work diligently to create powerful and persuasive campaigns that showcase the app's unique features and benefits. Through strategic social media advertising we ensure that Nikola reaches its target audience, comprising Tesla owners and enthusiasts worldwide. By crafting engaging ad content and visually appealing creatives, we effectively communicate how Nikola empowers users to maintain the safety, security, and health of their Tesla vehicles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I give agency access on a Facebook Ad Account?
To grant agency access to your Facebook Ad Account, follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to your Business Manager.
Step 2: Click on "Business Settings" in the top-right corner.
Step 3: In the left-hand menu, select "Ad Accounts."
Step 4: Click on "Add" and choose "Add an Ad Account."
Step 5: Enter your agency's ad account ID or the agency's Business Manager ID.
Step 6: Choose the level of access you want to grant (e.g., Ad Account Admin, Ad Account Advertiser, etc.).
Step 7: Click "Next" and review the permissions you are granting.
Step 8: Confirm and click "Assign."

We should now have access to your Facebook Ad Account based on the level of access you granted.

How much does advertising on Instagram and Facebook cost?
The cost of advertising on Instagram and Facebook can vary significantly based on several factors, including your ad objectives, target audience, ad format, ad placement, bidding strategy, and industry competition. Both platforms use an auction-based system, where advertisers bid for ad space, and the cost is influenced by the demand for the targeted audience and placements.On Facebook and Instagram, you can set a daily or lifetime budget for your ad campaigns, and the costs will depend on your budget allocation and the performance of your ads.

Why is my meta account suspended?
The reasons for a Meta (formerly Facebook) account suspension can vary, and it's essential to review any communication or notifications you may have received from Meta regarding the suspension. Common reasons for account suspension include:

Violation of Community Standards: If your account or content has been found to violate Meta's Community Standards, which cover issues like hate speech, harassment, and inappropriate content, your account may be suspended.
Policy Violations: Ad accounts may be suspended if they violate Meta's advertising policies, such as using prohibited content, deceptive practices, or violating data privacy rules.
Suspicious Activity: Unusual or suspicious account activity, such as account hacking or unauthorized access, may trigger a suspension for security reasons.

If your account has been suspended, you should review Meta's guidelines and policies to identify any potential violations. If you believe the suspension is in error, you can submit an appeal through the appropriate channels provided by Meta. It's essential to comply with their guidelines to resolve the issue and regain access to your account.