icepop x Smartrr Partnership: Elevating Shopify Subscriptions

icepop + Smartrr
March 12, 2023
icepop x smartrr brand logos

Smartrr is the leading subscription app for Shopify brands. Built with your end customer in mind, Smartrr increases brand engagement and lifetime value (LTV) with a variety of out-of-the-box subscription models, a beautifully branded subscriber account experience, member-only benefits, and more. Join the likes of high-growth brands who have seen an average of 15X more sales over the lifetime of a subscriber such as: Slate Milk, Starface, Remi, and Jolie.

All icepop clients have access to white-glove migrations and a dedicated customer success manager to ensure a successful onboarding experience! In addition, Smartrr offers a 14-day free trial and one month free on its: Grow Plan.

At icepop, we have helped switch multiple brands over to Smartrr and have been extremely satisfied with the results. The user-friendly, intuitive platform has made it easy for us to gather data from our marketing efforts, and has made the overall transition process from another service provider to Smartrr a breeze.

The platform is constantly updated with new features, ensuring that our clients are always ahead of the game. The Smartrr team is also incredibly helpful, with a quick response time which allows us to access support whenever necessary.

Powerful Features for a VIP Brand Experience

Out of the Box Subscription Programs
Smartrr makes it incredibly easy for merchants to set up advanced subscription programs. Offering build-a-box, sequential, prepaid, giftable and many other out of the box subscription models for brands to craft a customer experience unique to its customer’s preferences and use of products.

LTV Optimized Customer account portal
Going above and beyond the traditional skip, pause, and cancel, Smartrr offers the option to gift, send now, change frequencies, add additional products, and many other features that give your customer complete autonomy over their subscription.

Natively Compatible with Shopify Checkout & Apps
Recently listed as the top advanced subscription app in the ecosystem by Shopify, Smartrr is the most natively compatible subscription solution and takes full advantage of a Seamless Shopify checkout flow. Check out that blog: Here

First-of-its-kind Bundle Builder
Experience a seamless handoff to your 3PL without sacrificing your customer experience. Smartrr’s bundle builder allows merchants to add additional layers of customization and personalization to their customer experience. Simultaneously, Smartrr allows merchants to unlock post-inventory reporting for the first time in the subscription space with the ability to send bundles to your 3PL via custom attributes or line items.

Built in Loyalty & Rewards Program
Also a first in the subscription space, Smartrr has a loyalty and rewards program built into its customer account portal. Treat your subscribers like the VIP members that they are and reward them on their third subscription order or for gifting your product to a friend.

Advanced Subscription Analytics
Powered by Looker, Smartrr’s advanced analytics gives you actionable business insights into both your one-time orders and your subscription orders. Reporting on data like retention cohort analysis goes a long way when measuring churn and subscription program optimization.

Unrivaled Customer Support
Partnered with a dedicated Customer Success Manager, Smartrr's support is unmatched with white-glove migrations, guided onboarding, and ongoing outreach to ensure your subscription program is seeing its full potential.

Smartrr Subscriptions In Action

cooking panda subscriptions using smartrr

Cooking Panda:

Cooking Panda is currently taking advantage of Smartrr’s new customer account portal and it looks incredible. The brand is currently offering one-time add ons and flexible subscription options such as the ability for customers to gift their next order to a friend.

bankroll coffee subscriptions using smartrr

Bankroll Coffee:

Bankroll Coffee has an entire landing page in its main navigation dedicated to subscriptions. Also offering flexibility out of the gate and taking advantage of Smartrr’s one-time add ons in the customer account portal, Bankroll has seen a 36% increase in Average Order Value (AOV) YTD!

PS Good Times subscriptions using smartrr

PS Good Times:

PS Good Times' Product Detail Page (PDP) offers a ton of flexibility off the bat and sets the bar high on what customers can expect from their subscription experience. Not to mention the brand has seen a steady growth on Smartrr with its subscription revenue up 29% YTD.

Smartrr vs Recharge

smartrr vs recharge chart

With so many brands finding success after implementing Smartrr’s technology, it is clear the brand is the winning Shopify subscription management service when put head to head with Recharge. Several brands have both doubled subscription revenue in 60 days of migrating to Smartrr from Recharge including Bubble and Slate Milk.

Looking Ahead

“I’ve seen Smartrr’s subscription management boost subscription revenue and increase subscriber retention rates time after time. There’s also nothing more important than having proper analytics for your business, so it’s crucial to invest in the right tools that offer the most relevant data like Smartrr.”

- Jordan Banafsheha, CEO of icepop

Smartrr makes subscription management easy.  To take advantage of a 14 day free trial plus one month free head over to!