Junip x icepop Announce New Partnership

icepop + Junip
January 15, 2023
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At icepop, we’re constantly looking for tools that we can share with clients to help improve customer experience on our clients websites, improve internal processes to help operators focus on the most important tasks they need to accomplish, and provide a positive ROI. We’ve consistently seen review tools to be an issue for clients. We’ve heard clients complain these tools are too expensive, some require extensive setup work and maintenance, others don’t customize as much as the brands would like, and a slew of other issues. Today we’re excited to announce a new partnership between icepop and Junip.

When looking for a reliable service to provide reviews for e-commerce brands, no one does it better than Junip. Junip makes it easy to build trust with your customers by obtaining genuine, in-depth reviews that leverage photos, videos and custom questions. Take advantage of Junip’s painless 3 step setup process to start getting reviews within minutes.

All icepop clients have access to a whiteglove onboarding experience where Junip will handle migration and set up of the new service. Start your free 14-day free trial now, and then get 25% off your first 2 months:

Powerful Features for E-commerce Brands

Take Advantage of Photos and Videos in Reviews:

junip photo and video product reviews

Junip takes your product reviews to the next level by incorporating photos and videos in the reviews. With the most comprehensive set of options available, you can choose the review values that matter to your customers.

Strong Integration With Google Shopping:

junip google shopping reviews

Google shopping is an integral part of any e-commerce business, and having genuine reviews leads to higher click through rates and increased conversions. If your brand is using Google Shopping without reviews, you're leaving revenue on the table & losing out to competitors. Junip has a strong integration with Google Shopping, making sure your products always have the highest quality reviews.

Customize your Own Emails:

junip email customization options

The biggest problem we’ve seen in the past with review services are the robotic, unengaging email templates they send out to your customers. Junip will guide you through the process of customizing your emails specifically for your customers, increasing the quality and reliability of the reviews coming in for your products. Junip provides integrations with Klaviyo, PostScript, and Attentive to send review requests via your current communication tools.

Junip in Action

junip reviews for ponto

Ponto knows how important it is to establish a point of trust between them and potential customers, especially as an ultra-confort, eco-friendly dress sneaker. Junip established that point of trust with Ponto’s customers with the flow of positive reviews not only on their website, but also integrated in google shopping when users search.

Detailed reviews are important, especially for a health food brand. Mmmly uses Junip to build trust with new clients looking for a healthy alternative to cookies and sweets.

Rowdy Sprout:
Moms are always looking for the highest quality and comfortable apparel for their children, but discovering new brands is oftentimes daunting. RowdySprout understands their concern and uses Junip to provide comprehensive reviews utilizing photos and videos so moms know what they’re buying before they buy it.

Looking to the Future

“I’ve seen Junip’s reviews boost sales and customer engagement time after time. There’s nothing as effective as having proper social proof on your product pages and ads, so it’s crucial to invest in the right tools that help you collect as much of it as you can.”
- Jordan Banafsheha, CEO of icepop

As an e-commerce brand, the power of reviews is unparalleled, especially since your customers can’t physically see your products in person. Junip makes getting reviews and uploading them to different platforms extremely simple; get set up in minutes: Icepop and Junip are regularly collaborating on new features to consistently improve Junip for merchants.