icepop + Impira
January 8, 2023

Recently acquired by Figma, Impira is a cutting-edge OCR system that uses AI and computer vision to extract, organize, search, and analyze information in various files. Impira eliminates manual data entry, making the process of extracting data from 100 documents possible in just 100 seconds.


Despite its advanced technology and positive user reviews, Impira was competing in a competitive market and had a hard time scaling up user acquisition while keeping customer acquisition costs within their target range. With a clear end goal in mind, the Impira team outlined the categories and industries they wanted to target, the languages supported by their software, and competitors they wanted to outrank. With this information in mind, the icepop team got to work.

“Impira was competing in a competitive market and had a hard time scaling up user acquisition while keeping customer acquisition costs within their target range.”

Campaign Tracking

UTM Tracking Template

The first step was to establish a comprehensive campaign tracking system in Google Ads to track high-quality leads. icepop took advantage of Google’s dynamic UTM tracking templates, which organize the conversion data in Google Analytics and displayed it easily for Impira to track. icepop used this new data to allocate a larger budget into the specific campaigns that drove the best and most cost effective conversions.

Offline Conversions

For offline data that cannot automatically be tracked within Google Ads, icepop collaborated with Google Specialists to enable offline conversion tracking. This let us improve Impira’s campaigns by optimizing for better customers as opposed to any customer that signed up for the platform.

Campaign Restructuring

In order to achieve the maximum results for Impira, icepop took a four-step approach to restructure the company’s media campaigns. This approach included:

New Keyword Research

Right away, the icepop team did an in-depth analysis of the keyword research and strategy that Impira was implementing. From this analysis, we identified several pages that were not ranking at all, or only ranking for sub-optimal keywords. It was icepop’s recommendation to improve the keyword strategy on these pages as soon as possible. Keywords that we recommended to be immediately implemented included:

Additionally, icepop conducted an in-depth analysis of the negative keywords Impira had in their account. At the recommendation of a previous agency, Impira had identified numerous keywords that they did not want to target with Google ads. When the icepop team audited this list of keywords, we found that several of them would actually be helpful to the company. So, it was our recommendation that Impira revamp its strategy to target these new keywords, which they were previously avoiding. After implementing this strategy, we began to see success in driving more volume and conversion rates.

Vertical-based Campaigns

After establishing a solid keyword research strategy, the icepop team worked on putting together different vertical-based campaigns for Impira. The goal of these campaigns was to attract very specific customer demographics for Impira, rather than keeping their targeting broad, to improve conversion rates. These vertical-based campaigns included:

New Campaign Copy & Assets

Additionally, we improved the validity and ad strength of Impira’s ads by updating the copy to reflect the audiences and keywords the company was showing up for, as opposed to generic copy used across all ads. We also helped the Impira design team design assets for display ads.

New Landing Pages

After establishing new campaigns and targeted keywords, icepop recommended that the content displayed after clicking on an Impira ad needed to be updated to reflect the new strategy. Instead of driving everyone to the homepage, the icepop team worked to design new landing pages with the Impira team to target hyper specific audiences with the intention of improving conversion rates by showing content from the ads on the landing pages. The teams also worked to make the pages more simple and decrease options/places users could go and instead focused on getting them the info they needed to sign up.

Generic Landing Page A/B Testing:

We tested removing links from the header, copy, button placement, adding videos, etc.

Insurance Landing Page
Invoice Landing Page

Split Testing

Once the new campaigns were launched and conversion data was flowing in, the last step was to optimize those campaigns to maximize user file uploads and conversion. To maximize user file uploads and conversion, icepop split-tested different variations of landing pages and ad copy combinations. This involved revising copy on the search ads and split testing different landing pages the user was redirected to after clicking on an ad.

Establishing Audiences

After these new campaigns were identified and built, icepop worked to add audiences to observe and learn what the optimal target demographic should be. These audiences included groups like:

This helped inform which audiences to continue spending money on and which to turn off.

Technical SEO

The final detail to review in order to optimize Impira’s experience with icepop was the technical SEO of the Impira website. Through an in-depth audit of the site, the icepop team found that mobile performance was slow and advised the Impira team on ways to improve this. We also found duplicate meta descriptions, which the icepop team updated, as well as toxic links and backlinks, which the icepop team disavowed for Impira.


Impira’s partnership with icepop allowed the company to find new ways to increase user file uploads and reduce customer acquisition costs. Through comprehensive campaign tracking, keyword research, and split testing, Impira was able to restructure its advertising campaigns and drive conversions effectively.

The new strategy icepop created and implemented for Impira yielded impressive results: