Parceled & TermSheet

icepop + TermSheet
December 1, 2022

TermSheet is the first 'Terminal' built for real estate. They help real estate professionals consolidate their data and workflow on one platform. They serve thousands of real estate professionals on the platform. They developed a standalone service called Parceled which helps tens of thousands of real estate professionals quickly access parcel information for free.

Driving installs to Parceled was a priority, but too costly

Sahil and Roger had a problem: they wanted to grow Parceled and build more trust with real estate firms, but they weren’t quite able to figure out paid acquisition. As the only free parcel look up service, they knew that Parcel was delivering value to customers, but they struggled to express that value and drive results.

icepop brought a fresh, new perspective to the table

icepop came up with a new creative strategy that put video at the forefront, while testing different creative concepts, audiences, and value propositions to understand which combination lowered the cost per install, but also improved the retention of the new users that were downloading and using the app.

In fewer than 3 months, icepop was able to lower the average cost per install from Facebook & Instagram by 77%, while growing the Parceled user base grew by 10x.

In addition to optimizing existing channels, icepop helped Parceled expand into new territory: Google Ads. After some iterative tweaking to get the messaging right, we were able to drive a lower cost per acquisition than other channels while maintaining a solid amount of conversions. We deployed a campaign focused on high intent keywords and another campaign focused on competitor’s keywords.

With learnings in hand from the Google Ads campaigns, the icepop team also supported the Parceled team in the launch of their Apple App Store Search Ads. A similar structure was used here and this has continued to bring down the overall blended cost per install for Parceled.

Improving the product and expanding access

After Parceled's user acquisition skyrocketed past Sahil's targets, he asked icepop to redesign the Parceled iOS app. We identified 3 areas of focus: improving the user experience, adding several new features to provide even more value to users, and to bring a modern look and feel to the platform. The icepop team wireframed, designed, prototyped and conducted remote user testing sessions to deliver an excellent new Parceled experience.

In addition to the iOS app redesign, the TermSheet team decided it was time to invest in an Android app and a brand new Web app. The icepop team delivered on a new experience optimized for both desktop and mobile web. The desktop web experience has served as a tool for power users looking up multiple parcels’ information in one session while doing research. The web experience has also become a tool for growth as more organic traffic begins to find and try Parceled on the web.

“icepop fundamentally changed the way we approached performance marketing and the results have been incredible. We’ve grown the Parceled user base by 10x in 3 months.”
- Sahil Rattan, COO of TermSheet

TermSheet Advertising and Web Design

The team at TermSheet was impressed with the results they saw icepop produced for Parceled and asked the icepop team to expand the scope of their work to run performance marketing for TermSheet and to redesign the TermSheet website.

Google ads became a new source of leads and customers. The structure the icepop team put together was simple, but effective: Target high intent generic search keywords, target competitor keywords, and bid on brand keywords (which was especially important because TermSheet is a very common word).

The icepop team also ran LinkedIn ads for TermSheet, specifically targeting professionals at Real Estate firms.

The design challenge for the team was to create an experience that simply explained the main value propositions of TermSheet to increase the conversion rate of sign ups for product demos. They designed a new homepage, pricing page, use case page, blog list page and blog post template, in addition to all of the graphics on the site.

With customer acquisition costs outperforming expectations, icepop is continuing to scale marketing efforts up for Parceled & TermSheet. Parceled & TermSheet are rapidly onboarding new customers, helping more and more real estate professionals manage their deals and effectively communicate.

“Thanks to icepop's help, we've been able to make improvements this quarter on things we didn't think we'd have the bandwidth to address until 2 years from now.”
- Sahil Rattan, COO of TermSheet