icepop + Tumble
January 1, 2023

In 6 months, Tumble’s organic impressions have increased 17x since working with icepop on SEO.


We were introduced to the Tumble team in September 2022. At the time, the number of total organic search impressions of the site were negligible to the business. The owners of Tumble wanted to generate a strategy that would increase the percentage of traffic to the site and revenue coming from organic search using search engine optimization (SEO). Concerned that their current agency and strategy were not aligning to produce results, icepop was brought in with the intention of refreshing the approach.

icepop’s Creative Solutions

The solution to this problem involved a multifaceted approach to improving the SEO of Tumble’s current site. After an in-depth audit, icepop found the site to be lacking in key elements like technical SEO best practices, keyword optimized collection pages, and keyword optimized blog posts. So, we developed a comprehensive strategy which utilized critical keyword research to organically bring these SEO elements into Tumble’s site.

In the chart above, the solid purple line corresponds with the number of impressions to Tumble’s site during the past six months working with icepop and the solid blue line corresponds with the number of clicks during the same time period. The dotted purple and blue lines correspond with the number of impressions and clicks (respectively) to the site prior to working with icepop.

Keyword Research

During the keyword research process, the icepop and Tumble teams collaborated to identify a list of primary and secondary keywords to rank for. Ranking organically for these keywords would improve the amount of organic impressions Tumble’s website received, thus improving the amount of total clicks and sales to the site.

Technical SEO

After creating a solid keyword research strategy, the next step was for icepop to complete an in-depth audit of Tumble’s website. This audit revealed several technical SEO elements that were missing from Tumble’s site, thus hurting the brand’s overall organic performance. More than half of the technical elements necessary on the site failed the audit. So, icepop worked collaboratively with Tumble to address as many of these issues as possible, including:

For the elements that we were unable to assist with, icepop referred Tumble to the Netalico Team.

Collection Page SEO

Once the technical SEO audit and keyword research strategy were complete, icepop got to work implementing these keywords into the copy on Tumble’s site. This included generating all new copy for individual collection pages on the site. Prior to this, however, icepop needed to build out these collection pages after finding that the prior agency Tumble worked with failed to do so. With the guidance of Tumble’s team, icepop identified several different collection pages that should live on the site.

Building collection pages organized by characteristics like color, size, and design style not only improved the user experience on Tumble’s site but also offered more opportunities for keyword-rich copy. After six months of working with icepop, Tumble’s site now displays 20 collection pages with numerous pieces of unique copy as opposed to the singular page that lived on its site previously. These pages now include:

Blog Post SEO

Another major pain point from Tumble’s previous agency was the quality of the blog content being produced for the site. Blog posts are a great way to insert keyword-rich copy onto the website, increasing the chance of a high SEO ranking. Because icepop knows how crucial this SEO element is, our team prioritized the generation of one blog post per week. With the guidance and approval of the Tumble team, icepop handled the curation, creation, and publication of blog posts from the ground up. This process included creating a monthly editorial calendar with topics that would be of interest to Tumble consumers and were also rich in the list of keywords we wanted to target. It also included writing the blogs, sourcing relevant photos for the blogs, and publishing them to Tumble’s website.

Immediately, Tumble saw that the quality of blog content being produced was higher than what previously lived on the site. The Tumble team was happy to see that icepop understood how to create editorial content that flowed as a natural extension of the brand. This positive impression encouraged Tumble to further invest resources into the blog.  Through more collaboration, the two teams came up with more ways to improve the blog. Tumble’s web developers have now made each blog post shoppable and increased the amount of touchpoints a user can be redirected to other parts of the site. This is seen clearly in the new feature at the bottom of each blog which recommends three related blog posts and three Tumble products that may be of interest to the reader.


When all the different elements of this strategy came together, the results were undeniable. At a high level, the total number of organic impressions has increased 17x (this excludes branded search) since Tumble’s collaboration with icepop, and the total number of clicks to the site has increased close to 60x from organic search (this excludes branded search). As a result, Tumble has seen organic traffic as a percentage of total site visitors jump from 9% to 11% which has generated a 2% increase in total revenue over the last six months.